Egypt’s Transport Ministry has formed a team of 52 specialists to study sustainable “solution[s] to develop [the] transport sector,” said Transport Minister Saad el-Geyoushi on the side lines of a conference in Cairo on 1 March.

During his keynote speak at a conference focussed on the construction sector, the minister said that a team of quasi-government members will conduct a study within three months.

El-Geyoushi also told MEED the ministry is aiming to expand education and training cooperation with French and German universities.

“We must use methods of master planning we see elsewhere in the world. Transport is a major component of master planning housing communities, and we must and will work with the ministry of housing tirelessly.” says El-Geyoushi.

Roads account for about 99 per cent of all travel in Egypt. The ministry aims to build up the rail, river and maritime transport sectors so they make 30 per cent of trips in the future. The plan includes 27 projects worth $100m to $200m that will be made available for investment.

The Ministry has been given responsibility for public transport in Greater Cairo. It is working with London’s Transport Authority to study a unified ticketing system to increase its efficiency.

The Transport Ministry is also about to procure an intelligent traffic system to reduce road accidents.