Egypt’s Reservoirs and Grand Barrage Sector (RGBS) of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation has invited consultants to submit expressions of interest to conduct a feasibility study for the rehabilitation of Zefta barrage.

The Zefta barrage is located on the Damietta branch of the Nile, which is 1,046 kilometres downstream of Aswan dam and 86.5km downstream of Delta barrage (about 100km north of Cairo City).

The barrage controls the water level in the upstream reach of Damietta branch. It was initially designed to feed the main canals of El-Tawfiqi and El-Menuf before it was remodelled to take in the Abbassi, Mansouria and Omar Bey canals.

However, due to increasing demand and competing use of water, the current design, capacity and deteriorating conditions are not adequate for optimum management of the structure. The proposed project will rehabilitate the barrage increasing the capacity of the project.

The feasibility study will be financed by a grant from the Middle Income Countries Fund (MIC) of the African Development Bank (AFDB). The services will include the auditing of the project financial statements for the past two years.

Consultants are to submit expressions of interest by 20 February.