EgyptAir has resumed flights to the Syrian airports of Damascus and Aleppo following a three-day suspension of flights due to intensified fighting near the airports.

Flights began to operate again on 3 December.

The Dubai-based carrier Emirates also cancelled its daily flights to and from Damascus due to security concerns. The airline has not made any announcement about when flights will be resumed.

Emirates’ low-cost airline FlyDubai also announced that all flights to Damascus will be suspended until 17 December.

The airlines suspended their Syrian flights after forces loyal to the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, bombed rebels positioned near Damascus airport.

Government forces were attempting to prevent rebels taking control of the airport and pushing forward into central Damascus.

With the resumption of EgyptAir flights, the government seems to have regained control of the airport, although fighting continues in the surrounding area.

The 20-month conflict in Syria has already led to several airlines, such as Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways and Royal Jordanian, cancelling flights into the country.