El-Baradei suggested a staggered deadline for the tests to be met and offered to go to Iraq himself to oversee compliance. ‘We haven’t really told them [the Iraqis] specifically what they need to do,’ he said. ‘You need to give them adequate time, and the time is obviously linked to the task you are asking them to do.’ The UK call for private interviews with Iraqi scientists outside Iraq and for the destruction of all the Al-Samoud missiles were important, said El-Baradei. However, he shared the doubts expressed by other security council members and Iraq itself about the demand that Saddam Hussein go on television to declare that he has in the past concealed weapons of mass destruction but will now give them up. ‘We have no clear evidence that he has things he is hiding for him to admit,’ El-Baradei objected. He also repeated his dismissal of the US’ assertion that Iraq had imported aluminium tubes for the purpose of enriching uranium, saying that his team’s investigation had found that the tubes were unrelated to nuclear programmes.