The new facilities will mainly be installed at the emirate’s load dispatch centre (LDC), which is managed by Abu Dhabi Transmission & Dispatch Company (Transco) and was built by Europe’s ABB. Despite being recently commissioned, the LDC does not take into account the new IWPPs and, as a result, new dispatch facilities and a global settlement system are required.

The settlement facilities will involve a new data collection and verification system at the LDC and a new settlement and planning system to be operated and located at the procurer, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company. The systems will collect, aggregate and verify meter readings and settlement data obtained and process the information along with other data related to economic and technical dispatch.

The dispatch and settlement facilities are due to be commissioned by October 2003. Including services during the warranty period, EdF’s contract is for 39 months.

The order continues EdF’s association with the Abu Dhabi load dispatch network. It was consultant for the recent LDC project and advised Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority during the bidding phase for Shuweihat on a range of issues including grid codes, software integration and power purchase agreements.