The selected IOCs are:

The US’ AmeradaHess – Agreb perimeters 428-429, covering 9,699 square kilometres in the Amguid Messaoud basin;

Norway’s Statoil – Hassi Mouina perimeters 317b-319b-321b-322b2, covering 22,992 square kilometres in the Gourara basin;

Ireland’s Petroceltic – Isarene perimeters 228-229, covering 10,871 square kilometres in the Illizi basin;

Repsolwith Gas Natural, both of Spain – Gassi Chergui Ouest perimeters 214a-246a-246b, covering 4,831 square kilometres in the Berkine basin;

China National Petroleum Company (CNPC)– El-M’zaid perimeter 438b, covering 4,353 square kilometres in the Oued Miya basin;

China’s Sinopec– Guerara perimeters 418-419-438a, covering 9,952 square kilometres in the Oued Miya basin, and El-Hadjira perimeters 416a-417, covering 6,865 kilometres, also in the Oued Miya basin;

The Anglo/Australian BHP Billiton with Australia’s Woodside Petroleum– Ksar Hirane perimeters 408a-409, covering 10,719 square kilometres in the Benoud basin.

No bids were received for the Agreb Ouest 430-431a perimeters and the Melrhir 128s-412-413 perimeters. Sonatrach says it will launch a sixth licensing round in September.