The award is subject to the conclusion of a financing agreement worth Eur 53 million ($64 million) under the EU’s MEDA economic development programme, expected to be signed in October between Brussels and Damascus. The agreement also covers further grants worth Eur 6 million to modernise the country’s banking sector, Eur 21 million ($25.7 million) to develop vocational training in the textiles sector and Eur 18 million ($22.1 million) to modernise six city administrations (MEED 13:8:04).

The shortlisted teams are:

BCEOM, France, with GOPA Consultants, Denmark;

Crown Agents, with PKF, both of the UK, Altair Asesores, Spain, and Takriti, Abidinand Malas, all local;

GIP-ADETEF, France, with GTZ, Germany, SOFRECO, France, and ADC, local;

Maxwell Stamp, with EMG, both of the UK;

SEMA Belgium, with PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBFD, Netherlands, and INCOM, Greece.