The four prequalifiers are Colt Engineering, MEG Worleyand SNC Lavalin, all of Canada, and the US’ Jacobs Engineering. The estimated $1,500 million-2,000 million Mukhaizna project involves drilling about 1,500 wells and construction of 60-100 steam plants, with the aim of boosting production to 60,000-80,000 barrels a day (b/d) by 2010, from about 15,000 b/d (MEED 15:10:04).

Mukhaizna is one of several enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects under way by PDO. Technical bids are due by 7 February for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract on the Harweel phase 2 miscible gas injection project, for which four companies are prequalified (MEED 12:11:04).

Bids have been invited by 1 December for the provision of drilling services on the project, involving the drilling of up to 30 wells over two years.