In the north, SCOP has issued tender documents for the project to develop the Khurmala dome structure in the Kirkuk field. The project entails the construction of three degassing stations; pipelines; power plant and associated electrical works; and telecommunications infrastructure. Khurmala is expected to produce 100,000 barrels a day (b/d) of crude, with 100 million cubic feet a day of associated gas.

International contractors have expressed reservations about the high cost of the tender documents, which can be bought for $20,000, and the source of funding. Khurmala is one of a number of oil field development projects earmarked by the Oil Ministry to boost oil output by 340,000 b/d. These include Hamrin, also in the north, and Subha and Luhais in the south.

In the southeast, SCOP has issued tender documents for the construction of tank farm facilities to be located on the Al-Faw peninsula. The project covers the supply and erection of eight storage tanks that will collect crude prior to lifting onto tankers at the Mina al-Bakr and Al-Amaya terminals.

SCOP, which is one of a number of state-run entities charged with managing and carrying out engineering and construction work in the domestic oil sector, is taking an increasingly active role in reconstruction. The company is working closely with US Army Corps of Engineers, North Oil Companyand South Oil Companyin rehabilitating the country’s oil infrastructure.