The larger of the two contracts, estimated to be worth AED 220 million ($60 million), has been awarded to Belgium’s Six Constructfor site preparation works, the seawater intake system and the onshore and offshore elements of the desalination plant.

The local Arabian Construction Company (ACC)has been awarded an estimated AED 85 million ($23.2 million) contract for the civil works related to the power plant.

Further subcontract work is being tendered. Doosan has invited companies to submit bids by 11 November for the erection subcontract for the desalination and power plant. The estimated $15 million-20 million contract covers the mechanical, electrical, insulation and painting works for the proposed facilities.

Doosan signed in late June the AED 2,944 million ($802 million) engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the complex. The contract was awarded by Abu Dhabi-based UAE Offsets Group (13:7:01).

The complex will have a capacity of 620 MW and 100 million gallons a day (g/d). The desalination plant will be a hybrid. Some 62.5 million g/d of water will be produced by the multi-stage flash process with the remaining 37.5 million g/d coming from a reverse osmosis unit.