Ghazi Aridi

Position: Public Works & Transport Minister

Biography: Ghazi Aridi is a Druze member of parliament and a prominent figure in Druze leader Walid Jumblatt’s Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), which was instrumental in forming the anti-Syrian March 14 alliance in 2005.

Aridi is a key supporter of Saad Hariri and his continued control of the Public Works & Transport Ministry gives him a decisive influence on Lebanese public and economic life.

The PSP’s continued hold on the ministry suggests the Druze still carry weight in Lebanese politics. However, under Saad Hariri’s premiership, there will be a stronger emphasis on achieving targets and Aridi will have to ensure that public works projects receive the strongest attention.

As minister, Aridi is charged with overseeing the delivery of funds into a number of large infrastructure and reconstruction projects and must ensure transparency in the disbursement of funds to finance them.

Contact: (+961) 5 455821/2-3