Health and safety are major concerns for all construction companies across the world. Your compliance and high safety records are important features in winning contracts, and the Middle East as a region is working hard to improve levels of effective health and safety management. Combined with increasing regulation of the construction sector and rules regarding the treatment and safety of expatriate labour forces, these pressures mean it’s essential for contractors in the Gulf to have effective and integrated HSE protocols and practices.

MEED’s Health and Safety in Construction conference has been designed to give you a practical and comprehensive overview of the key approaches to effective programme management and risk mitigation. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge to effectively manage the constraints you face in any project: HSE, human resources, budget, specifications and technical challenges.

How will you benefit?

  • Contractors: get answers to concerns about local regulatory environments, approaches to HSE implementation, protocols, best practice, training approaches, staff and leadership engagement. Understand the commercial imperatives and business sense of effective HSE programmes
  • Clients and developers: meet project and site managers responsible for safe delivery and maintenance of standards
  • Government officials and regulators: updating you on the key themes and regulatory programmes in the region
  • HSE Consultants: highlight the services that can help contractors, developers and project managers control the HSE implementation process & prevent accidents
  • Sub-contractors & suppliers to the construction sector: develop your compliance with, and knowledge of, main contractors protocols and HSE programmes