Further tenders under the project are expected imminently for construction work in Saida and Tyre, and for supervision and construction operations in the other cities. The designs for the Tyre restoration were carried out by the local Pierre el-Khoury, while the Saida designs were prepared by a local company identified as Bitar. The local Atelier des Architects Associescarried out the designs for Byblos; Tabet & Debs Architects & Planners, also local, carried out the designs for Tripoli. A road improvement scheme in Tripoli was prepared by the US’ Team International.

Funding for the CHUD project is coming from the World Bank, which approved in April 2003 a $31.5 million loan. The remainder will come from Paris, Rome and Tokyo.

The CDR is responsible for implementing the project, which is expected to take five years. The scheme also involves training municipalities to manage the sites more effectively (MEED 2:4:04).