Ibrahim Al-Hamer

Company: Bahrain Air
Position: Managing director

Biography: Ibrahim Al-Hamer brings a wealth of commercial and government experience to the launch of Bahrain’s first low-cost carrier, which began operations early this year.

Prior to joining the company in October 2007, he was chairman of executive air charter company Rizon Jet. However, he gained the most experience during 12 years as CEO of national carrier Gulf Air, and as under-secretary for Civil Aviation Affairs at the Bahraini Department of Civil Aviation.

Al-Hamer then moved to join the founding committee of Air Arabia, and was instrumental in the establishment of the region’s first low-cost airline in 2003. He oversaw the company’s compliance with aeronautical regulatory standards and auditing requirements. He remained with the company until after its successful flotation in 2007 and, despite the difficulties of the current market, will seek to emulate Air Arabia’s progress at the new carrier.

Contact: (+9731) 746 3330
Company website: www.bahrainair.net