The value of projects planned or under way in every Gulf country except Kuwait, either contracted or was left unchanged for the week ending 31 July, leading to a 0.3 per cent fall in the overall Gulf Projects Index.

Saudi Arabia registered the most significant fall, with its index contracting by 0.5 per cent due to several projects that were put on hold, completed or where budgets have been revised. New project awards totalled only $76m.

In numbers this week

$11.38bn Value of projects put on hold across all markets

31 New projects announced or awarded in the UAE

$2.19bn Value of projects revived across markets

The $5.8bn Murooj Jeddah project has been put on hold, while budgets for the Jizan segment of the Asir-Jizan road scheme and the Saudi Housing Project have been significantly reduced. Furthermore, two new projects, including Saudi Aramco’s $700m Shaybah NGL Recovery Programme (package 4), were completed in the final week of July.

The UAE’s projects market, the second-largest among the Gulf countries, also fell by 0.3 per cent during the week. The drop resulted from an estimated $2.4bn budget reduction across 48 projects planned or under way, and the $2.9bn Pearl Dubai project being put on hold, along with a few other smaller real estate schemes.

While more than 30 new projects were announced in the UAE during the week, most of these, except for the $1.2bn Jebel Ali drainage tunnel, have relatively small budgets.

Project updates this week
  Project name Project status
Iran Azar Oilfields On Hold
Iran North Yaran oil field development Execution
Saudi Arabia Murooj Jeddah (Wadi Al Asla) On Hold
Saudi Arabia Shaybah NGL Recovery Programme: package 4 Complete
UAE Jebel Ali Drainage Tunnel Design
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In Iran, the reactivation of the $700m North Yaran oilfield development was undermined by Tehran putting the $1.6bn Azar oilfields development on hold.

Bahrain and Qatar each registered a 0.1 per cent drop in their projects indexes during the week.

No new projects were awarded or announced in Bahrain. The reactivation of the $35m Humainiya housing project was offset by budget adjustments that reduced the value of several projects by about $60m.

In Qatar, 16 new projects worth under $500m were announced or awarded during the week, while nine were completed. The $650m Lusail Museum was also put on hold.

Upcoming tender deadlines
  Client Contract Submission date
UAE Emaar Properties Creek Harbour Towers 17-Aug
UAE Modern Elegance The Scene Tower by Paramount 23-Aug
Saudi Arabia Saudi Electricity Company/Saudi Aramco Fadhili independent power project 31-Aug
Saudi Arabia Metro Jeddah Company Obhur Bridge 10-Sep
UAE Roads & Transport Authority Route 2020 metro extension 06-Dec
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The only country where the projects market value increased during the final week of July was Kuwait.

Although the country saw only one new project, the Jahra Education Complex, announced in the week, there have been significant budget adjustments for the multiple refinery projects of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). The respective contract values for packages 1 and 5 of KNPC’s new refinery projects were $680m and $647m higher than the previously estimated budgets.

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