Emboldened by Iran’s nuclear deal, the country’s president, Hassan Rouhani, has accused the previous regime of ruining the economy and called for new domestic reforms to lower inflation.

Rouhani sent out a flurry of messages on micro-blogging site Twitter to mark his first 100 days in office. In the messages he placed the blame for the country’s economic plight squarely on his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “It’s crucial to inform people of what we inherited from the previous government; of the state we were in when my cabinet began its work,” Rouhani said. “All of this took place under a government with the highest oil income in Iran’s history.”

Despite being under tight Western sanctions during Ahmadinejad’s eight year-presidency, the country still enjoyed record oil revenues of up to $600bn. “Yet the richest government in our history was also the most indebted government, owing more than $67bn,” Rouhani wrote.

In other messages, Rouhani promised to bring inflation below 25 per cent by the end of next year, from 43 per cent when he took office three months ago. He also pledged to stabilise Iran’s fluctuating currency and create jobs.

Other messages were aimed at the domestic front. “The government should minimise its interference in cultural activities,” he said. “The government’s interference in people’s economic and private life does not benefit the government.”

Rouhani also said his critics in the country need not fear retribution for speaking out against his policies. “I believe with this new government taking office, a sense of tranquillity has been created,” he said.