The value of Iran’s non-oil exports reached $13.2bn in the eight months to 21 October, according to government officials quoted by the official Fars news agency, a 25 per cent rise on the same period a year ago.

According to the Industries & Mines Ministry, the value of industrial and minerals exports was $10.9bn, of which $3.3bn was accounted for by mineral products. Other major exports included natural gas condensates, industrial and agricultural products, carpets, handicrafts and petrochemical products.

India, Afghanistan, Iraq, China and the UAE were the main export markets, with exports to Asian countries worth $10.4bn over the period according to Deputy Commerce Minister Babak Afqahi.

Afqahi said that the value of exports to European countries was over $1bn, making it the second largest export market. Trade with Africa was worth $201m, and the value of goods sold to North and South American countries was just $152m.

Ardeshir Mohammadi, director of the Iran Customs Administration, says that the country exported 29.5 million tons of goods in the eight months since 21 March, when the current Iranian year began.

It also imported 26.6 million tons of commodities worth $27.8bn during the same period, a 17.7 per cent fall compared to the same period the previous year.