Last year, Jordan’s parliament approved the Political Parties Law requiring all parties to secure approval from the Interior Ministry before 16 April.

Opposition parties have objected to the law because it requires them to have members in every region in the country.

Largely urban parties such as Islamic Action Front have found it difficult to comply with the law because they have few members in the kingdom’s sparsely populated rural areas.

However, despite the difficulties, the Islamic Action Front was approved by the ministry on 14 April.

“We tried our best to change the law during the past year, but we failed. Now we must abide by the law. We will continue to try and amend the law as the legislation is detrimental to political freedoms,” said Islamic Action Front spokesman Rheil Gharaybeh.

Other smaller parties, such as Generations & Development and Adaleh, are likely to find it harder to secure enough support around the country before the 16 April deadline.