Jeddah Municipality has announced a $338m entertainment development in the coastal area of Jeddah.

The project will include beaches, entertainment activities, open theatres, playgrounds and pedestrian walkways, according to Jeddah mayor Mohammed Aburas.

“The municipality will develop and enhance the entire coast of Jeddah, starting at the border guard barracks to Al-Rahma Mosque. There is $213m left from the initial budget,” said Aburas in a media statement.

The mayor also revealed that the total value of city projects in the past year was estimated at $800m.

Jeddah Municipality has announced several major infrastructure projects across the city, and it is understood there are plans to construct five new intersections to ease traffic congestion on Prince Majed Road at a cost of $266m.

In December 2014, MEED reported that government spending in the kingdom would be maintained. While transportation and infrastructure spending will decrease by 5 per cent, the Ministry of Finance announced that the core areas will continue to be health and social initiatives, up 48 per cent from last year at $42bn.