Jonathan Robinson

Company: HSBC
Position: Head of project finance

Biography: Jonathan Robinson joined the UK’s HSBC in 2004 and is currently head of project finance for the bank’s Middle East and North Africa team, one of the largest project finance teams in the region. He has worked for 15 years as a project finance specialist, and for the last seven years has been based in the Middle East, doing projects for the government and the private sector.

Currently based in Dubai, Robinson and the HSBC team have worked on some of the region’s most significant project finance deals, including advising Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority on its successful independent water and power project programme.

He is currently involved in advising Dubai Electricity and Water Authority on its first independent power scheme. Previously, Robinson has held senior project finance positions within the US’ PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities and Canada’s Export Development Corporation.

Contact: (+971) 6 0054 0004
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