Jubarah bin Eid al-Suraiseri

Position: Transport Minister

Biography: Jubarah bin Eid al-Suraiseri has been responsible, as transport minister, for Saudi Arabia’s 60,000 kilometres of roads since May 2003. According to the Transport Ministry, there are a further 20,000km of roads currently under construction in the kingdom, making the organisation one of the Middle East and North Africa region’s biggest clients. Al-Suraiseri also oversees development and operations at the kingdom’s ports and emerging rail network.

He is currently chairman of the board of Saudi Railways Organisation. Al-Suraiseri spent 14 years at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, where his most senior position was deputy minister. Before this, he worked as an executive director at the Washington-based World Bank and the IMF.

Al-Suraiseri has a doctorate in economics from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in economics from Denver University, both in the US, as well as a degree in economics and political science.

Contact Tel: (+966) 1 404 3000
Updated: 07.05.13