Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has approached power and water companies in charge of the three power and water projects at Ras Laffan to discuss the possibility of increasing the capacity of one or more of the facilities.

Kahramaa has identified the need for additional power and water capacity, particularly in the north of the country.

The northern Ras Laffan site already hosts three projects, Ras Laffan A, B and C, which have a combined capacity in excess of 4,500MW of power and 200 million gallons a day (mg/d) of water (MEED 5:8:08).

According to a source close to the projects, Kahramaa intends to explore the possibilities for capacity building at the site.

It has supplied each of the project companies with power and water forecasts for the next 20 years and has invited proposals to extend the facilities at the Ras Laffan site.

While the scope of the expansions remains undecided, around 40mg/d additional water capacity is thought to be needed by 2014 and 170MW of power by 2016.