Kerman province is already Iran’s biggest coal producer, with three existing mines now being upgraded. Khomrood constitutes a large deposit in the Kerman basin, with estimated total reserves of 63 million tonnes, of which 37 million tonnes are deemed extractable. A feasibility study for the project has been carried out by the UK’s International Mining Consultant (IMC).

The target seam is two metres thick and runs at a gradient of up to 35 degrees, requiring incline mining. Transport will be by locomotive along the levels and by conveyors on the drift. Extraction will mostly be done by plough. Other utilities needed for the project are electricity, pumping machinery and compressors. Impasco is a subsidiary of Iran Mines & Mineral Industries Development & Renovation Organisation (IMIDRO).

Kerman’s existing coal production is to be trebled to 1.5 million t/y by the expansion of mining and coal-washing facilities at the Hashoni, Harnkar and Main Pebedana mines, which are all operated by Kerman Coal Company, also a subsidiary of IMIDRO (MEED 24:10:04).