Later phases of the 360,000-square-metre residential project involve the construction of another 700 apartments, an art gallery, a community centre, a public square, retail outlets and entertainment facilities. France-based Xavier Bohlis the concept architect for the development.

The height limits imposed by Dubai’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) on DFC have recently been revised. The limits were reset to accommodate Dubai International Airport’s new runways and its new global positioning system-based instrument landing approach system. The height limit to the north of the under-construction fourth crossing, zones 1, 2, and 3, known as Marsa al-Khor, has been set at 90 metres. The limit to the south of the fourth crossing, zones 4 to 16, has yet to be confirmed, but it is believed to be substantially greater than 90 metres.

The new limit will affect a number of still-to-be-announced projects within DFC that are currently in the early planning stages.