Its offer is some 3 per cent lower than the next quote of KD 6.5 million ($21 million) submitted by Societe Egyptienne d’Entreprises (Mokhtar Ibrahim). Seven local and international companies priced the contract, which covers the installation of a 24-kilometre twin ductile pipeline running from the planned desalination plant at Subiya to the water storage facilities.

The 30-month water storage and distribution project is being tendered in six packages. Bids are due to be returned by 4 August for the two main elements on the scheme’s largest package.

The first element of package C-1 includes the construction of the water complex with three 55 million-gallon-a-day (g/d) underground reservoirs, blending and water treatment facilities and pumping stations. Sixteen companies have prequalified to bid. The second element of the package includes the supply and installation of a control system and related electrical and mechanical works at the water complex. Eleven companies are prequalified to bid (MEED 10:5:02).

The project involves the supply of up to 96 million g/d of water to residents and industrial users in Subiya, Mutla and West Funaitees. The project is estimated to cost KD 145 million ($467 million). The consultant is Binnie & Partners (Overseas), part of the UK’s Binnie Black & Veatch. The client is the Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEED 8:3:02).