Iraq may remain a difficult place to do business, but the same cannot be said for Kurdistan. The region has been an oasis of stability for several years and has reaped the benefits, with a number of major projects already constructed or planned. For companies looking to expand into new markets, there has never been an opportunity to enter Kurdistan, particularly as a first step to entering federal Iraq. The market is growing and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is extremely investor-friendly as it looks to attract international investment.

The opportunities presented by the market are outlined in the latest report by MEED Insight, the Kurdistan Projects Market 2012 report. Covering more than 90 pages, the report provides a comprehensive assessment of all key sectors and projects.

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The premium research report is the first ever report on the projects market in the Kurdish region of Iraq. While federal Iraq has been beset by political and security turmoil over the past decade, the autonomous Kurdistan region has enjoyed a great deal of stability under the KRG. As a result, it is the base for many companies looking to do business in the country and has already received a substantial amount of international investment. As its own oil and gas production increases the KRG is planning a series of major projects across all sectors as it seeks to boost its infrastructure and attract foreign investment.

This report is aimed at all companies who are interested in the many opportunities that are available in the region and/or who are interested in using the region as a base for conducting business in Iraq as a whole.

This report:

  • Is the only report on the Kurdistan projects market
  • Contains unique and exclusive data on sector and market size
  • Highlights the current political situation and gives you access to the ‘doing business overview’
  • Offers you insight into individual project descriptions

Through this report you will be able to:

  • Learn about the multi-billion-dollar pipeline of projects in the Kurdistan region
  • Understand the region’s political and security dynamics
  • Get ahead of the competition with first mover advantage
  • Bypass the pitfalls and challenges that other companies face

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Save time and investment on research and analysis.  Gather exclusive data on the Kurdistan projects market through this in-depth examination.

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