State-upstream operator, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has awarded two oil field service contracts worth more than $378m.

Houston-based Western Atlas International signed a KD56.5M ($201m) deal on 4 January, while Dubai-based Halliburton Overseas agreed a KD49.8m ($177m) contract on 10 January. The formerly US-based firm moved its headquarters to Dubai in 2007.

The deals cover well-logging and perforation services. The firms will make detailed records of geologic formations through visual inspection of samples or measurements necessary for the discovery and development of oil fields.

KOC awarded a total of more than $11.6bn-worth of contracts in 2010, the largest of which came in at $1.56bn signed by the local Kharafi National on 6 December for a deal to build early production facilities at Kuwait’s northern oil fields (MEED 5:1:11).