Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has extended the tender closing date to 27 March for the Wara pressure maintenance project at the Burgan oilfield.

KOC had originally set a 13 March deadline.

A total of 30 companies have been prequalified for the project. Bidders will have to fill out an added section to the tender documents to submit to the new deadline.

The project is aimed at boosting production of the oil field, by reinjecting effluent water produced at nearby water disposal plants.

The scope of the project includes placing 200 water injection wells on the oil field, 20 tanks with a capacity ranging from 10,000 to 24,000 barrels, 60 pumps and 10 water treatment units. Water will be transmitted in a 700km pipeline network.

Completion of the project is anticipated for the second quarter of 2014.