Kuwait and the US have signed a memorandum of cooperation on nuclear safeguards for the Gulf state’s power generation plans.

The agreement sets a framework for cooperation in nuclear legislation, regulations and radioactive waste management.

Kuwait is becoming increasingly committed to developing nuclear power generation capacity, says the Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity’s deputy senior engineer for power and water projects Zamzam al-Rakef.

Speaking on 24 June, Al-Rakef said nuclear energy offers the best alternative to fossil fuels once these resources run out.

Kuwait signed a similar cooperation agreement with France in January. The 20-year deal covers the supply of nuclear material, equipment and facilities. It also includes provisions for training, exchange of technology information and research. 

In August 2009, Kuwait’s National Committee for the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy appointed Adnan Shehab Eddin as its secretary general. The committee also approved its founding document and its preliminary budget for 2009-10. Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohamed al-Sabah chairs the national committee.