Kuwait is planning to spend KD7.5bn ($27bn) on developing new power and water projects to meet the expected increase in demand by 2020.

“In total, there are 134 electricity and water projects planned to increase capacity,” said Mohamed Boshehri, director of planning and follow-up power station projects at the Ministry of Electricity & Water, speaking at MEED’s Kuwait Energy and Infrastructure Projects 2012 on 5 November.

Demand for power and water in Kuwait is expected to increase substantially as the country continues to experience rapid population growth.

The peak load in Kuwait’s electricity market in 2012 is 11,850MW, with an available capacity of 14,200MW. By 2020, peak load is expected to increase to 21,600MW, which will require a total capacity of 25,400MW.

Kuwait will require an additional 350 million gallons a day to meet demand for water by 2020.