Kuwait expects peak demand for power to grow from 10,500MW in 2009 to 16,000MW in 2014, an average increase of almost 9 per cent a year.

At the same time, installed power generating capacity will increase from the 10,600MW now to 19,200MW by 2014.

The latest figures are from a request for proposals for advisory services on the country’s first independent water and power project (IWPP).

Kuwait is one of the highest per capita consumers of power in the world. Peak power demand reached 8,900MW in 2007 and 9,600MW in 2008.

Demand for water is projected to grow at an average of 6 per cent a year from 382 million gallons a day (g/d) this year to 511 million g/d by 2014.

Installed desalination capacity will increase from 382 million g/d to 566 million g/d over the same period.