Kvaerner’s contract covers the construction of a 75,000-tonne-a-year (t/y) BDO facility, which will also produce a total of 10,000 t/y of two BDO derivatives, tetrahydrofuran (TPA) and gamma-butyrolactone (GBL). Feedstock for the BDO plant will come from a maleic anhydride (MAN) unit, which will also be built under the EPC contract.

Netherlands-based Huntsman Investmentsand London-based Davy Process Technologywill provide the technology for the plant, which is scheduled to come on stream in 2005. The project will be part-financed by the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF).

Japan’s Chiyoda Corporationand the local Chiyoda Petrostarlast July signed up for the estimated $250 million EPC contract to build a 970,000-t/y methanol plant on SIPC’s Jubail site (MEED 2:8:02).

The project manager for the whole complex is the US’ Fluor Daniel(see Special Report, pages 25-26).