Lebanon’s Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) has invited companies to submit bids for the contract to design and build a wastewater outfall pipeline in the southern city of Sour.

Contractors have until 6 March to submit bids for the deal. The work will involve designing and building onshore and offshore sections of the outfall pipeline for the Sour wastewater treatment plant. The pipeline will contain a 585-metre onshore section and a 1,355-metre offshore section both with a diameter of 1,100 millimetres.

The scheme is being funded by a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The pipeline is the latest of a number of contracts that have been tendered by the CDR for water and wastewater projects in Lebanon. In October last year, the centre invited firms to submit bids for the contract to build a tunnel and transfer lines for the Greater Beirut Water Supply Project. The estimated $200m scheme is designed to strengthen the capacity of the Beirut Mount Lebanon Water Establishment, the utility responsible for the operation and efficiency of urban water supply in the area. The project is planned to improve water supply for more than 2 million people in Southern Beirut.