The estimated $350 million, four-year contract covers the upgrade and expansion of the sewerage network in the kingdom’s second city. It involves 52 kilometres of microtunneling, 600 kilometres of open trench pipe installation, the construction of a new pumping station and other associated works. The contractor group has the option to either procure the vitrified clay and glass-reinforced pipe (GRP) itself or have it supplied by the client. An award is also pending for the position of project management consultant (PMC). The project is the second phase of a major sewerage upgrade programme for Jeddah. The similar-sized phase 1 project covering the north of the city was awarded in 2004 to the local Civil Works Company (CWC – MEED 24:12:04).

Last summer, the ministry awarded France’s Safege a six-month contract to study and evaluate the water distribution system in Jeddah, with a view to its possible privatisation. Riyadh plans to spend SR 187,000 million ($50,000 million) over the next 25 years on increasing well sourced potable water and wastewater treatment plant capacity across the kingdom (MEED 2:12:05).