Magdy Mohamed Ali Hassan

Position: Senior process engineer

Biography: Magdy Mohamed Ali Hassan is senior process engineer at the UAE’s Fertil, where he has worked for three years. Previously, he has held positions as process engineer at Agiba Petroleum Company in Egypt, and process engineer, ammonia and utility production engineer, shift supervisor, plant superintendent, and assistant ammonia and utility production manager at Egyptian Fertiliser Company.

He then became a process consultant at Italfluid Egypt, before taking up his current role. Major projects Hassan has worked on include the Agiba production facilities optimisation scheme, the EFC-2 ammonia plant commissioning, the EFC-1 ammonia urea troubleshooting programme, and the Fairoz raw gas treatment plant basic design.

At Fertil, he has been involved with the Fertil-1 sustainable ammonia flare and the Fertil-1 energy conservation study. Hassan has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cairo.

Contact Tel: (+971) 2 602 1111