Malek Kabariti

Company: National Energy Research Centre (NERC)
Position: President

Biography: As president of the NERC, Malek Kabariti is responsible for increasing the share of renewables to 10 per cent of Jordan’s energy mix by 2020.

Kabariti has been head of NERC since its creation in 2000. He is also a member of the Royal Energy Committee set up in 2007 by King Abdullah to evaluate the country’s energy requirements and of the Royal Consultant Committee, set up in the same year to implement Jordan’s energy programme.

Prior to his appointment at NERC, he held senior positions at the organisation’s predecessor, the Renewable Energy Research Centre, which he joined in 1978. He is also a founding member of Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Co-operation. He has a masters degree in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University and a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Texas.

Contact: (+9626) 5338 041