Manaa Abdullah al-Obaydi

Company: North Oil Company (NOC)
Position: Director general

Biography: As head of the state-owned NOC, along with South Oil Company (SOC) the main oil-producing company, Manaa Abdullah al-Obaydi is a key figure in the Iraqi oil sector, to the extent that the government has put a block on him leaving the country at the same time as his colleague, Hunar Najib Hassan, head of Northern Gas Company, in case both should be lost to the industry.

With 38 years’ service to NOC, Al-Obaydi has a reputation for avoiding politics and getting on with the job. He has also garnered a reputation as a man of action, recently ordering the pulling out of rigs from an area of the Kirkuk field that had become embroiled in a dispute between the Baghdad Oil Ministry and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Al-Obaydi’s current mission is to boost northern crude exports to fresh highs with a target capacity of 1 million b/d.

Contact: (+9645) 025 0000