Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Carbon and Egypt’s Tri-Ocean Carbon have registered their Kafr el-Dawar plant as a clean development mechanism (CDM) project under the UN Kyoto Protocol.

The companies converted the existing oil-fired boilers at the plant into natural gas-feed based ones. The new boilers have been operating for a few months.

Located at the Egypt for the Spinning, Weaving & Dying Company in Kafr el-Dawar near Alexandria, the fuel switching project has been accepted as a CDM project.

The replacement of heavy fuel oil (HFO) with natural gas is expected to generate approximately 45,000 certified emissions reductions (CERs) a year. One CER equates to one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent.

By registering the project, the companies intend to monetise revenues from the project within the next year and continue for a further period of 10 years through carbon credits.

The Kafr el-Dawar scheme is the 23rd project to be registered under the Kyoto Protocol in the entire Middle East North Africa region.