Masoud Mir-Kazemi

Position: Petroleum Minister, Iran

Biography: As Iran’s petroleum minister since September 2009, Masoud Mir-Kazemi represents Opec’s second biggest producer.

He has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial engineering from Tehran University of Science & Technology.

In 1989, he joined Iran’s Centre for Productivity and System Evaluations, later becoming head of the facility. Between 1993-96, he was the head of the research department in the technology and engineering faculty at Iran’s Imam Hossein University. In 1996, he completed a doctorate in industrial engineering. In 2000, Mir-Kazemi became the head of Iran’s national centre for logistics studies and research. He was commerce minister from 2005-09.

In February this year, Mir-Kazemi announced the creation of a national fund for energy projects to help the country cope with international economic sanctions. In March, he said there was no need for a change to current Opec output.

Contact: +98 21 646 6293