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Banking is being turned on its head by digital transformation. From online banking to crowd funding, the core business of banks is being undercut by financial technology (fintech) firms, and the only restriction on change is regulation.

Our May 2019 issue features a special report on Gulf fintech, looking at the sector’s move from incubation to implementation in the Gulf as the region’s markets compete to become the Gulf’s fintech hub.

A contributed piece from Mashreq Bank, meanwhile, considers the urgent pressure corporate banking faces to engage in complete digital transformation.

This month’s exclusive Big Interview features Bahrain’s Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Zayed R al-Zayani, who tells MEED how the country is creating an ecosystem for a thriving private sector.

With Saudi Aramco opening its books to reveal its key financial and operations indicators for the first time ever, the May edition of MEED Business Review also offers in-depth analysis on the world’s most valuable and profitable company.

Our Market Focus section brings you the latest analysis on Kuwait, where there are $32bn-worth of public projects in the pipeline.

The May 2019 issue also includes:

We hope you enjoy the May issue of MEED Business Review.