These options include:

  • Loose inserts
  • Bound-in inserts
  • Gatefolds
  • Cover-wrap
  • Belly-band
  • Bookmark
  • Tip-ons

Special Operations Rates

Loose Inserts Rate (US$)
1 – 4 pages 2,80 per insert
4 – 12 pages 5.60 per insert
12+ pages Price on application
Bound-In Insert Rate (US$)
Full Run Price on application
Outside Cover Gatefold Rate (US$)
Full Run 25,000
Inside Cover Gatefold Rate (US$)
Full Run 30,000
ROP Gatefold Rate (US$)
Full Run 20,000
Advertisement Feature Rate (US$)
  +20% on display rates
Also Available Rate (US$)
Cover-wrap Price on application
Belly-band Price on application
Bookmark Price on application
Tip-ons Price on application

Full run is 8,000 copies.

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About MEED

Since 1957, MEED has been the leading source of business intelligence for the Middle East.

MEED, the ‘Middle East Economic Digest’, has been helping senior executives make informed business decisions in the Middle East for more than 50 years. Through a variety of unique solutions, MEED helps you promote your brand to your key markets. Our offerings include:

  1. Weekly magazine with a circulation of 6,090* (ABC Jan – Dec 2010)
  2. Regular supplements, distributed with the magazine and at relevant events
  3. which has an average of 76,000 visitors per month
  4. Online newsletters providing targeted messages to specific audiences

MEED Advertising Media Pack

Top Reasons to Advertise

  1. MEED’s unrivalled and independent editorial content provides the ideal environment in which to reach a valuable audience with your key marketing message – the perceived endorsement of one of the strongest and most established brands in the region lends credibility to any advertising campaign
  2. MEED attracts the most lucrative and loyal readership among senior business professionals – this exclusive audience is more likely to respond to advertising that they have seen within their trusted MEED, giving our advertisers a better ROI
  3. MEED provides unique weekly business intelligence which readers either file for reference or pass on – advertisers are therefore guaranteed a high level of repeat exposure and increased brand awareness

Connect with the most powerful business audience in the Middle East. Reach influential decision-makers, call +971 (0) 4 818 0334

What readers do with MEED

  1. 58% will recommend / show the information to someone else
  2. 34% will contact a supplier / manufacturer /organisation
  3. 33% will visit a product / service or organisation’s website

This demonstrates that an advert in MEED is seen AND acted upon