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React quickly to constantly changing market with platform

MEED is a business intelligence service that will provide you with the latest news, data and analysis from across the Middle East. Accurate and objective, MEED supports strategic decision-making at the highest level by putting the latest market data and intelligence at your fingertips.

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What is your job title?

This is how will help you to react quickly to constantly changing market conditions and capitalise on lucrative business opportunities in the region. It is every day’s support for your MENA business.

  • ceo

    C-Level Executives

    Use MEED to set strategy and direction

    Strategic analysis

    Intelligence on emerging markets

    Medium/Long-term forecasting

  • director

    Directors and Management Level

    Use MEED to seek market insight and make risk assessments

    Competitor intelligence

    Sector intelligence

    Regional perspectives

  • marketing

    Business Development, Sales & Marketing

    Use MEED to target new business opportunities

    Sales Leads

    Info on project bid developments

    Timely and reliable data

  • researchers

    Analysts and Researchers

    Use MEED to access detail and concise commentary

    Access to raw data

    Explanations of trends

    Deal and company analysis

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Why you should subscribe to

MEED will help you to understand your business environment and the challenges you face. We provide the trends, the data and our own expert analysis to help you forecast and plan effectively.

  • connected


    MEED leverages its unrivalled network of regional contacts and key stakeholders to bring you first-hand updates and inside information on the projects, clients and competitors that matter to you.

  • up-to-date


    Save hours of research time and energy with MEED’s up-to-date news, data and analysis. Delivered through our digital platforms we make sure our subscribers are informed first and before their competition.

  • trusted


    With over 60+ years of experience and regional offices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, MEED has built a strong reputation for reporting accurate business intelligence that you can trust.

  • informed


    MEED’s close attention to the economic indicators each day ensures you have a holistic view and all the information you need to make critical business decisions for your team.

  • risk

    Minimise Risk

    MEED’s regular assessments of current and future market trends assists our subscribers in predicting and protecting themselves against fluctuations that will affect their success and profitability in the MENA region.

  • strategise

    Strategise & Plan

    MEED can help you better understand your business environment and the challenges you face. We provide the trends, the data and our own expert analysis to help you forecast and plan effectively.

  • coverage


    MEED covers 19 countries and all of the core industry sectors, making it the perfect businesses intelligence tool for companies looking to expand operations in the region or simply enter the market.

  • opportunity


    MEED’s regular postings of tenders, project announcements, updates and project awards means subscribers never miss an opportunity to win business in the region or keep an eye on the status of projects and competitors.

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We cover the regions Core Sectors in depth….

  • mena-oil-gas-industry

    Oil & Gas

  • power-water

    Power & Water

  • mena-finance-sector


  • construction


  • industry


  • transport-mena

    Transport & Infrastructure

  • petrochemicals


  • government-mena


  • legal


….across all of these Countries

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen


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