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Industry Downloads

As you may already be aware, is the MENA region’s #1 business intelligence platform that has been providing exclusive news, data and analysis about the Middle East and North Africa for over 60 years. You may have already visited other sections of this website with all the information about MEED’s features, coverage and benefits, available packages and the online shop link where you can subscribe to MEED with just few clicks. You may have seen how your competitors developed and strategised their business with MEED’s credible analysis and up-to-date content.

However, if you are still not convinced that your business will benefit from daily access to the latest market data and news in digital and print format, customised newsletters, monthly webinars, regular networking events and other MEED’s features, simply click on any of the below titles to read MEED’s sample content.

We hope it will help you to further understand MEED’s value, before you commit to an annual subscription and unlock the MEED’ 20-years’ archive!

Sample content for non-subscribers:

Agenda: Russia steps into the void (December 2019)
Middle East Business Outlook: Construction (October 2019)
Agenda: Investing in Geography (September 2019)
Middle East Board Report (August 2019)
Business Outlook: Round-up (July 2019)
Agenda: A Year of Transition (June 2019)
MEED 100 – Industry Report: June 2019 (June 2019)
Construction Business Outlook: May (May 2019)
Middle East Board Report : April 2019 (April 2019)
Middle East Business Analysis : April (April 2019)
Middle East Board Report: March (March 2019)
Regional: Middle East Contract Awards (February 2019)
Middle East Business Outlook: Construction (February 2019)
Unveiling the Smart Expo vision (January 2019)
Middle East Oil and Gas Business outlook (November 2018)
Middle East Board Report: October (October 2018)
Middle East Business Outlook: Round Up (September 2018)
Regional: ME Contract Awards (August 2018)
ME Business Outlook: Round Up (August 2018)
• Oil and Gas Business Outlook (May 2018)
• GCC Construction Business Outlook (May 2018)
• Middle East Construction Business Outlook (April 2018)
• Board Report : April 2018 (April 2018)
• Chinese contractors weigh in (March 2018)
• Oil’s well if reason prevails (February 2018)
• Board Report : February 2018 (February 2018)
• Gulf breaks more solar records (January 2018)
Iran leads growth in contract awards (January 2018)
• Riyadh takes control (January 2018)
Middle East Construction Business Outlook (November 2017)
Transformation – Saudi Arabia’s Year of Change  (October 2017)
• Board Report (October 2017)
• Against the flow  – why the region is still investing in oil and gas? (cover story from the MEED Business Review, October 2017)
Presentation from the Dubai Subscriber Briefing on 28th September 2017 (The Address Hotel Dubai Marina)