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Construction innovation in action

How digital technology is transforming construction

Change acceleration and the future for banking

Blockchain in banking

The rise of cryptocurrency in banking

Security and transparency in banking

Banks work on new skill sets in management

Managing a digital workforce

Using robots in banking

What are banks competing on

Banks should embrace digital

Changes in conducting risk assessment at banks

The benefits of bots in banking

The value of new technology in banking

What do customers want from banks

Digital disruption in banking

Transforming role of the COO in banking

Enabling banks to compete in an aggressive marketplace

The construction innovations that are driving better value in UAE projects

Improving project delivery in the GCC

Industry experts discuss problems in construction sector today

Focus on costs drags down construction sector

Banks affected by quality of construction

Mitigating the risk of cheap bids

Impact of designers on construction contracts

Benefits of using BOT model in construction projects

Unrealistic contract terms hurt contractors

Banker optimistic on contractors taking on risk

Why do contractors bid low?

Early involvement by contractors is essential

Research and development key to construction sector

Is BIM transforming the construction industry?

Strict deals a challenge for contractors

Productivity stagnates in construction industry

Construction market faces shortage of skills

The positive impact of prefabrication

Incentives and end value in construction

Exploring the different types of construction contracts

Industry experts discuss construction challenges

Driving better value in construction

Improving productivity and efficiency in the region’s construction market

Tapping the region’s pools of liquidity

MEED Live October 2017: Super contractors and PPPs

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Retrofitting power plants in Saudi Arabia

Predictive maintenance for power plants

Power plants are becoming more digitally capable

Acwa Power: Independent power projects are doing well

Shift in financing methods for power plants

Getting the funds in place for Dubai’s Hassyan clean coal plant

Oman’s coal power options

Coal power plants aren’t as bad for the environment as before

GE outlines outlook for coal power market

Updates on Dubai’s Hassyan clean coal IPP

Becoming fuel agnostic

Energy security is growing in importance

Fuel diversification: Why is it such a huge trend worldwide

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