With growing uncertainty over government spending on projects, there is one sector, whose activity is so essential that it is still guaranteed to continue receiving heavy investment – the power sector.

The rise in demand for electricity across the Middle East & North Africa is the among the highest in the world and the region’s governments are committed to huge capacity expansion programmes to meet this demand.

According to the latest research by MEED, more than $200bn of investment is required in the region’s power sector by 2020, about $40bn a year, to meet rising demand.

About half of this is required to increase electricity generation capacity with similar levels of investment required to modernise the region’s transmission and distribution networks.

The latest market report form MEED Insight, MENA Power 2016 provides a comprehensive country-by-country review of the MENA power sector with in-depth analysis on supply and demand, projected investment levels, the role of the private sector and the search for alternative energy.

The report covers power generation requirements, current and future projects, and information on the emerging renewable energy, nuclear power and transmission and distribution sectors.


MENA Power 2016 will enable you to:

  • Quantify current and future market sizes plus supply and demand rates
  • Understand key strategy and policy of each country
  • Identify the top contractors and clients
  • Understand the key opportunities and challenges


A key challenge facing governments and utilities throughout the region is fuel. With most countries in the region facing the difficult task of securing gas for power generation, many governments are now looking to alternative energy, such as renewables and nuclear power, to meet future demand. As a result, the MENA region now has some of the largest renewable energy programmes planned in the world.

In addition to meeting the challenge of procuring generation capacity, in 2016 governments will have the challenge of meeting demand and expanding their power sectors within the new era of lower oil prices.

The introduction of renewable energy on a large scale is also set to become a key facet of the region’s power sector in 2016, with GCC and North African states pushing ahead with ambitious projects.

All of these issues, along with business opportunities and spending plans are highlighted in this must read report on the Middle East and North African power sector.

Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather exclusive data on the MENA power projects market through this in-depth examination.

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