Michael Hogan

Company: Arab Potash Company
Position: General manager

Biography: Michael Hogan has been general manager of Jordan’s Arab Potash Company since January 2007, on secondment from Canada’s PotashCorp, which owns a 28 per cent stake in Arab Potash.

He holds a BSc in mining engineering from Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada. Hogan has been employed by PotashCorp for 17 years and was previously general manager of PotashCorp’s New Brunswick Division. Arab Potash was set up in 1956 as a majority state-owned, pan-Arab venture to mine the Dead Sea’s reserves of mineral salts to produce potash.

The company has a 20 per cent stake in Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Company, a joint venture for which it and Jordan Phosphate Mines Company provide the raw material. PotashCorp also has stakes in fertiliser complexes in China, Chile and Israel, in addition to its own production plants in the US and Canada.

Contact: (+962) 6520 0520
Company website: www.arabpotash.com/