Entrant: SAK Consultant

Project owner: Elkhereiji Group

Developer: Elkhereiji Group

EPC contractor: Elkhereiji Construction Company

Consultant: SAK Consultant

Architect: SAK Consultant

Financier: Elkhereiji Group

Located on Rawdah Street in Jeddah, the $7m scheme was developed in the context of other multi-use buildings. The project owner’s vision was to create a mixed-use, six-storey building with two annex floors in a contemporary Islamic style.

There are retail spaces on the ground floor, clinics on the ground, first and second floors, and offices on the remaining floors. The retail shops are located facing Rawdah Street, which maximises business opportunities.

The clinics have a separate entrance. The office spaces on the third floor and the upper floors are accessed using the main entrance on the ground floor, but with separate vertical circulation cores.

The negative impact on the environment was minimised by reducing the heat island effect and conserving water and electricity.

Steps were also taken to improve the health, productivity and comfort of the building’s end-users. These included the incorporation of outside views, daylight, natural ventilation and interior finishes that are low in volatile organic compounds. A post-occupancy thermal comfort survey was conducted and smoking is prohibited in the building.

A safer environment was attained for occupants by observing the Saudi Building Codes and Civil Defence regulations, and installing building-management-system-integrated fire protection and fighting systems.