Mohamed Choucair

Position: President, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture (FCCIAL)

Biography: Mohamed Choucair has been president of FCCIAL since 2010. FCCIAL is involved with coordinating relations between the four Lebanese chambers of commerce. He is also the chief executive officer and board member of chocolate company Patchi International.

Choucair is a board member of various institutions that operate in the real-estate, industrial and trade sectors in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Syria, Egypt and Algeria. He was a co-founder and vice-president of the Lebanese Franchise Association and co-founder and vice-president of the Bader young entrepreneur programme in Beirut.

In 2005-10, Choucair was board member and treasurer of the International Chamber of Commerce. He has a degree in international business studies from Paris University in France.

Contact Tel: (+961) 1 353 3901