Mohamed Tumi

Company: Tumi Law Firm
Position: Managing director

Biography: Mohamed Tumi is the managing director of Tumi Law Firm, Libya’s largest legal practice.

Tumi is a graduate of the schools of law at the universities of Cairo in Egypt and Damascus in Syria. He also read law at the University of Miami in Florida, US, from where he graduated with a masters degree in comparative law.

From Florida, he went on to the law centre at George Washington University in Washington DC, graduating with an LLM degree.

Tumi also holds a doctorate in law from the University of Illinois in Chicago, US. Aside from his academic achievements, Tumi has 27 years’ experience working as a lawyer.

He has held the position of senior legal consultant to Italy’s Agip Oil Company for the past five years and has been a member of the American Society of Inter-national Law since January 1983. He is also a member of the Arab Society of Intel-lectual Property.

Contact: (+218) 213 332 144
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