Mohammad Jahromi

Company: Saderat Bank of Iran
Position: Managing director

Biography: Mohammad Jahromi was appointed managing director of Saderat Bank of Iran in April last year.

Jahromi previously served as Labour Minister, a position for which he came under criticism from workers’ unions for appointing too many aides on high salaries. Jahromi’s aides were dismissed by his government successor, Abdolreza Sheikhol-eslami. Hossein Sadeqi, deputy of provincial affairs for the Workers’ Union, led criticism of Jahromi’s appointment at Saderat Bank.

Born in 1958 in Tehran, Jahromi has served as deputy chairman for executive affairs of the ultra-conservative Guardian Council.

He was the founding member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces in 1979 and has been governor of Zanjan (1982-84), Lorestan (1984-89) and Semnan (1984-99) provinces.

Contact: (+98) 883 07822